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by dgstorm at Jun 9, 2016
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The latest (version 3.2) update to the NVIDIA Shield Pro Android TV will offer up several cool new features. The biggest game-changer included in the update is that you can now use your Shield Pro Android TV as a Plex Media Server. The Plex server on the SHIELD will be capable of the same things the current version is. You will even be able to stream remote devices across the Internet using your Android TV interface. Of course, to take advantage of the Plex server functionality, you will either want to have the larger 500GB version of the device, or attach an additional external USB Hard Drive to the Shield.

There's a second big feature that this update brings and that is the ability to browse the SHIELD's file storage from a local PC. This remote file access works with the SHIELD's internal storage or any volume added to adoptable storage, although a MicroSD card or any other external storage will not be available over the network. However, The SHIELD can now...
by dgstorm at May 27, 2016
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It looks like the first fight between Oracle and Google over Android's alleged infringement on Oracle patents has ended in the defeat of Oracle. The judge ruled in favor of Google and basically came to the conclusion that Google did not infringe on any of Oracle''s Java APIs because they were considered fair use.

The verdict basically means that Google will not be required to pay any of the $9.3 Billion that Oracle was demanding for supposed Android duplication of functions from Oracle's Java software.

More than likely, Oracle will appeal this first verdict, so this is really a case which will drag on for years just the way the Apple v Samsung case did. Despite this likely going into the appeals process for long into the future, this is still a landmark case and a solid verdict for the cause of software development.

Here are a couple of links with more of the details,
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by dgstorm at May 27, 2016
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The latest rumors surrounding the next version of Android suggest the final dessert name could be a tough one for some of us to pronounce. Supposedly, an East Indian dessert called Neyyappam is at the top of the list of potentials at the moment. Neyyappam is a popular deep-fried dessert in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It is made of rice and jaggery.

Google opened up the naming of this year's new version of Google to the public. You can submit what you think would be the best dessert name on the following web-landing page: Help name Android N. Entries will be tallied right up until June 9th.

We live in an increasingly more globally focused world, and it makes sense that at least some of the dessert names starting with letters from the English alphabet will need to be from a country other than a Western one. What do you folks think?
by dgstorm at May 26, 2016
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We aren't sure if this strategy would work, but we are all for Google trying just about anything to get Android device vendors to release Android updates in a more timely fashion. The latest rumors suggests Google is considering a "name and shame" to light a fire under the proverbial butts of any lagging vendors *cough*rhymes with horizon*cough*.

Apparently, Google actually keeps a detailed database on the Android releases from the various Android vendors and OEMs, but they have always kept it to themselves. Google execs are considering making that list public to see if PR shaming will spur faster work. Google has supposedly also been pushing vendors to automatically release any security updates and skip tests entirely.

Of course, all of this is just rumor at this point, so who knows if it will actually happen. What do you folks think? Is this something Google should do, or would it be bad etiquette?

by dgstorm at May 25, 2016
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It looks like Samsung really was working on a new mobile device that includes an Iris-Scanner for security. Sadly, it turns out that the first one they made is nothing but a pretty low-end Android tablet that is focused on the enterprise market.

The new device is appropriately called the Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris, and here are its specs:
  • 7.0” WSVGA(1024×600)
  • 1.2 Ghz Quad Core
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • 5MP AF (Rear)
  • Iris Camera & Subsystem
  • RAM 1.5GB (LPDDR3)
  • 8GB Storage (up to 200 GB microSD)
  • Dimensions - 193.4 x 116.4 x 9.7mm
  • Weight - 327g
  • Battery - 3,600mAh
  • 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz, BT4.1, USB2.0 with Host
As you can see, this is hardly a piece of tech worth getting worked up over. Samsung specifically described it as an affordable biometric security device for government and enterprise. It will have to be "affordable" to get any attention, because, other than the Iris Scanner, there's nothing at all to distinguish this from...