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    [REQ] App for using tablet to show powerpoint presentation on LCD

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab and a Droid X, both of which will output to external video. I would love to lose my laptop and simply carry the tablet to business presentations. Unfortunately, while I can hook the tablet up to a projector just fine, none of the currently available apps work for this purpose.

    QuickOffice has a slideshow mode that goes full-screen, but it renders the slides really crappy. It also times automatically with no way to stop it unless you manually stop and start the show on every slide. That's stupid.

    Documents to Go renders the slides the best, but has no slideshow mode whatsoever. So you get the annoying title of the presentation AND your taskbar showing on the screen the whole time. How dumb is that??

    OfficeSuite Viewer renders decent (not as good as D.T.G.) and also has a full screen slideshow mode, but again an automatic timer that cannot be shut off. WTF!?!?!

    ThinkFree comes the closes to what I need. Has slideshow mode, and does not automatically advance, but still renders some slides a little crappy.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE someone help me find the best and greates app that will allow me to do classes and presentations from my tablet through an LCD projector.

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    Better question What don't I own, Oh a generic APAD
    The Simplest is to Convert Each Powerpoint slide to a Jpeg. Then do Slide show mode output for each slide as a picture image. The problem with that is any animation you have built in are rendered static. Thus the fix for this is to Convert the PPT/PPTx to HTML and view it in a Browser. This is a bit better but you have to play with getting rid of the Bar at the top.

    No Tablet as far as I know can render PPT/PPTx well. If your Tablet can do Flash, I would suggest using a PPT to FLV converter.
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