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    Power/battery in most of tablets

    Hey people. I am new to tablets and want to buy one Android-based. I have some general questions about power. I know that the answers depends on manufacturer, so I just ask for the most common/usual case.

    I) If it's usually/always possible to replace a battery in Android tablets or, in some devices, if a battery is dead then a tablet is dead? If possible, are these batteries usually
    1) standard between different brands, so it's easy to find them and replace them yourself
    2) different for different brands, but it's possible to buy them and replace them yourself
    3) embedded in device and you have to give a tablet to manufacturer service center to replace a battery
    4) something else?

    II) A similar question, is it usually possible to remove a battery and to work without it through AC Adapter directly?

    III) Another question, is it usually possible to work with a tablet when it has a proper battery, is connected via AC Adapter and is charging? I ask this because I once had a cheap digital device which couldn't be used during charging (which is terrible).

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    That depends on the tablet you purchase. for the most part the battery may not be able to be replaced as easily as popping off the back cover like a cell phone. Most tablets have a battery that will require you to either send in to the manufaturer to be replaced or if you are skillful enough you could replace yourself though not recommended for an average user. Now that is not to say all tablets won't allow this. I own a Toshiba Thrive and it does allow the battery to be replaced very easily by popping off the back of the tablet. infact Toshiba offers mutliple colored backs so you can somewhat customize the tablet to your liking. I have also ran the tablet while plugged into the AC with absolutly no problem, much like you would with a laptop.

    Best advice I could offer you is to Research and then Research more before making your purchase.



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