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    Localytics Study Says 33% of All Android Tablet Sales in US are Kindle Fire Products

    A new study was performed by mobile app analytics company Localytics, and the numbers are interesting. Supposedly, a full one-third of all Android tablet sales in the United States are some variant of the Amazon Kindle Fire. The B&N Nook accounted for 10% of sales, bringing the combined total of content provider tablets to 43% of all U.S. tablets sales. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy line of tablets accounted for 9% of the U.S. market, with the Google Nexus 7 garnering 8%.

    Their study also concluded that the U.S. was the largest tablet market in the world with 59% of global tablet sales. Supposedly, the UK is in second place with 5% of tablets sold, while 2% is in Korea, and another 2% are in Spain. The remainder of the globe was 31%.

    Of course, keep something in mind. It appears this data might be skewed a great deal. This report seems to run contrary to others we have seen not that long ago. Here's a quote explaining why that may be the case,

    It is probable that Localytics’ data is a little skewed in favor of the USA and towards the Kindle Fire. The reason for this is that the company is based in the USA and the data is generated from apps using Localytics analysis service. Although Localytics says that there are 500 million+ unique devices running its software, it is certain that most of these are from American or European authors. The number of Asian apps which incorporate the service is probably very low. Also it is likely that authors who are keen to compare and contrast the performance of their apps across multiple platforms (including the Kindle Fire) are using Localytics services. This implies app writers who are releasing their products on Apple, generic Android, Kindle and Nook. If this is true it means that the number of Kindle users will be skewed as a higher than average number of Kindle apps will incorporate the Localytics libraries than those released just in the Google Play Store.

    Until Localytics releases comparative data on geographic location of the authors that use their software, along with data on what percentage of the different eco-systems are used, it is best to take these statistics with a grain of salt.
    Of course, if this is all true, it begs the question of why it is even posted to begin with. The only answer we could come up with was that it might spark an interesting debate as to just how useable and valuable all of these marketing studies really are. It certainly seems like most of the data nowadays is bent in such a way as to promote an agenda of some kind. What do you guys think? Are there any companies out there worth listening to for this type of marketing data?

    Source: Kindle-FireForum via AndroidAuthority

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    The point of releasing this is to drive traffic to Localytics. They are advertising themselves plain and simple. Don't forget you are as much the product as whatever they are trying to sell you these days. Want to know why all those apps are free? Because they are tracking you and selling ads to you.

    Acquire valuable app users

    Measure and optimize customer acquisition

    App marketing strategies often include spending on advertising and promotional campaigns to help drive customer acquisition. Discovering which campaigns deliver the most valuable customers requires integrating the performance of short-term campaigns spread across multiple channels with the long-term performance of your apps.Localytics works with mobile advertising platforms to anonymously attribute each new app installation. But more than simple attribution, Localytics analyzes and reports engagement, retention and contribution to customer lifetime value (LTV). Through complete integration of Localytics app analytics, you can also use past app usage profiles and behaviors to discover relevant audiences and optimize messaging for new customer acquisition campaigns, with just one SDK.
    • Launch new campaigns without re-launching your app
    • Avoid poor performance and “data leakage” from multiple SDKs
    • Analyze all campaigns in one place, integrated with app analytics

    App Marketing Platform for iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5 - Localytics
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    Personally I find those figure difficult to believe. I must know at least 40 people with Android tablets. Not one with a Kindle Fire. But I do agree with the general premise.
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