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    Question A few questions for tablets below $100

    Hello people of this forum of the tablet-type Androids. . I myself have no experience with an Android tablet but have owned an HTC Hero and LG Vortex, so I am not -too- new to Android as a whole. I'm looking for an Android Tablet that generally runs $100 or less and has a 7" or larger screen. . And would like to hear what anyone has to say regarding the various ones that can be found. I'll be digging around on ebay but if anyone has a suggestion for non-ebay places to find the tablets for less than $100 that would also be appreciated.

    I have a few questions, obviously considering where I'm posting, regarding the tablets however.

    1. What are your suggestions for a tablet?

    2. Has anyone watched a live stream from Justin.TV on their tablet. . If so, did it lag a lot or did it run smoothly? I'm a former daily broadcaster and I like to watch other people play games and sometimes watch wrestling (When I'm away from the TV) as well. . So naturally I would have to ask if it'll be an issue. =P

    3. Are any of the tablets good for games (Angry Birds, Grave Defence, Gun Bros, ect), drawing/sketching (Sketcher) or emulators? (NES, SNES, GB/C and GBA being the likely systems. . Nothing fancy like N64 or PSX)

    4. Would it be impossible to plug in a headset to listen and talk to other people?

    5. Are there any benefits to upgrading to 3.0 or going the custom ROM route with a <$100 tablet?

    6. Has anybody actually used those little arcade sticks that attach to the screen that I keep seeing on ebay? Or those keyboard/leather case combos?

    Sorry for so many questions, but there are quite a few <$100 tablets out there and I'm finding it difficult to choose based around what I intend to do. .

    Thanks the input. =P

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    First, I suggest you an 7" android tablet just Sale $99. The main feature of this android tablet is rockchip2918(1.2GHz plus 3D process),512M DDR2 RAM and 4GB NAND Flash memory and running the Android 2.3 OS.Coming with the 3D Vivante GC800 chip, The new GM2907B (model) could reach the full HD (1080p) VP8 video and run games fluently. Also it has 8-inch Capacitance Multi-touch Touch Screen, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, 0.3MP front camera and a beefy 4800mAh battery.

    Second, this Android tablet has no TV. But, it could suffer the interment by WiFi 802.11. And, This product supports 1080P HD video, also support YouTube and other online video. Just see the rk2918 chip, the1.2GHz is enough for the online video.

    Third, 3D Graphics Accelerator process and G-sensor, it is enough for 3D and other Games.

    Fourth, It support Call&SMS, using a third software.

    And, It is Android 2.3, could updated to the later version. Also If you want to find more information, you could find the website, or seek help from skype(Giayee). Your question is real so many. You could find more in this forum, or if you like Chinese Android tablet, you could search Chinese Giayee, you will see what you are looking for.



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