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    Yoshima Mid

    Lightbulb Can I update Android firmware on a generic tablet? Why don't YouTube videos play?

    I just bought a chinese iPad clone called a Yoshima Mid. (Don't worry, it only cost me $45.)
    It came with Android 1.7 and I'm wondering if I can update it to 2.2 or whatever the newest one is and how I would go about doing that?

    I know nothing about Android and this is my first droid device.
    Thanks for helping a noob!
    Chinese aPad (MID by Yoshiba)
    firmware 1.6
    build 1.7.4
    kernel version 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty
    memory 128MB

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    Unless the manufacturer has released an update, the only way to 'update' your device is to have root access to the file system. You will then needa ROM image of Android 2.2 that was designed (or adapted) to that device.
    The great thing about Android is it's open source. So anyone with the know-how can go into the source code and change it to their liking. I'm not familiar with Yoshima Mid. First check with the manufacturer to see if an update is available. This will be the easiest and safest upgrade.
    If they have one it could be an OTA update. Connect to a WiFi network on your device. Go to "settings">>about phone (all the way at the bottom)>>System updates. It will check and see if an OTA update is available.
    Second option is to search on the manufacturer and see if they have a new ROM for that device that can be loaded through your computer.
    Third option is to turn to the open source community and see if someone has developed a root process and a custom ROM.
    XDA Developers is a great resource to find out about your 3rd option.

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    Better question What don't I own, Oh a generic APAD
    First off, it is NOT Android 1.7. That is the firmware build. You likely have Donut which is 1.6. This is the very common build for low price, low power tablets.

    The reason you cannot update to Froyo 2.3 or 2.1 Eclair is because what you bought. Do not think Firmware build is like Windows or Even Apple iOS. The core OS is Android. But like your PC, it has unique drivers for the CPU and chips installed. These are not all identical and only the needed drivers are coded for your firmware.

    There is no true Generic Android OS. There are projects using the Android SDK. But all depend upon the driver set for each tablet. Think in terms of MP3 units. The low price unit like yours is like the cheap units sold on the sidewalks or in a Bazaar. You get what you pay for. There is no support. There is no real ability for return easily.

    Updates and Support cost. So does Firmware on the tablet you bought. Unless there is an identical tablet which has compatibility with yours build with either Eclair or Froyo, You need to be happy with what you have.

    See these explanation responses, I posted earlier on the same subject.

    Buying a Tablet?- Some things to remember
    Why cant the OS be upgraded?
    gurgle Tech stooge of the Internet
    Tablets Currently in Possession -Partial List
    MS --Fujitsu Stylistic LT TabletPC-Win98 / HP4400-W7U / Samsung Q1U- XPPro/V-Ult/Archos 9
    Android -- WItS A81E/ Archos 5/500 Archos 7HT/Archos 101/16/Asus Transformer 10.1/32 / G1

    Remember-If You do not open it, you do not Own it



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