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Thread: Craig CMP741e Reset Password

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    Craig CMP741e Reset Password

    Son put password on his Craig CMP741e and does not remember it. How do I reset or remove the password?
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    Reflash you tablet that mean install the OS again
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    How do you do that. The reset button does not work. It's supposed to offer you password reset options.

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    If the WiFi is on and you try often enough it is supposed to ask for your Google Creds. If the WiFi was off then a factory reset would seem like the best option but I can't tell you how to do that on your specific tablet.
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    • You will need Win-rar; this is a program that opens compressed files and it’s required in order to do this procedure. If you do not have Win-rar on your PC please visit the website link below and download it for your computer. This program opens compressed files and will be needed for this procedure. WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files
    • A micro SD card with the SD card adapter.
    Craig Electronics Inc. If you go to the link it will leave you at the CMP741e Specs page. If you scroll down you will find two links one that says Installation Guide and another Download. The installation guide is a step by step on how to reset your device so download that first. The Download link is the actual firmware device the installation guide will tell you what to do with this file.

    Android 4.0 Firmware Installation Guide

    Please follow installation procedures as below to update your Tablet.

    1. Download entire firmware package (cmp741e_firmware4.0.rar) to desktop or laptop computer running windows. Then unzip file and you will see TWO files:
    File 1:
    - PhoenixCard: This is Installer which runs on PC to burn firmware into your microSD card.
    File 2:
    - 7_v1.1_6221_CMP741E_DMARD06_v4.2.3_2012-06-21.img: This is Android 4.0 firmware of CMP741e.

    2. Double click into “PhoenixCard” folder, Runs “PhoenixCard.exe”. (Icon shows in the following picture)

    3. This is the user interface of “PhoenixCard”

    Function of button:
    DiskCheck – click it to recognize your microSD card, it shows disk details when you plug in microSD card adapter with card inside it.
    Img File – To allocate the destination of CMP741e firmware (img file)
    Write mode – Just click “Product” mode
    User Data – Use to save the burning record into file
    Data path – Use to save the burning record into your desired file
    Burn – Start to burn firmware into microSD card
    Format to Normal – Recover / Format microSD (This procedure will wipe out ALL information in microSD card, please backup your important data before confirm this step.)
    Exit – Finish the “burning” process

    4. Runs “PhoenixCard.exe”, plug in microSD card reader (with card inside) into PC. The message “Device OK, the size of the device is xxxx M” will show in “Option” (If NO message present, please click “DiskCheck” to try again, If still cannot recognize your microSD card, please check with your card reader or microSD are well connected)

    5. Click “Img File” to import “CMP741e firmware (7_v1.1_6221_CMP741E_DMARD06_v4.2.3_2012-06-21.img). Choose the folder of firmware when you unzip the file.

    6. Click “Product” option, the message “Your card will be burned as a product mode!” will pop up. Confirm OK.

    7. Click “Burn”, it will start to burn the firmware into microSD card

    8. When start burning, it will show the details in “Option” and “Rate” represent for burning status

    9. When “Rate” change to all blue, this means finished burning (100%). Click “Exit” to end the application. Now, firmware update card is well prepared. (See the Blue sliding bar)

    ** You cannot find the firmware file when browse microSD card in PC, this is normal as file format is not visible by PC.
    10. Power off the CMP741e, insert microSD card which finished firmware burning. Turn On the unit, the firmware update status bar will appear.

    11. It takes around 10 minutes for updating. Once the bar run to 100%, it is finished firmware update process and shows message “CARD OK”. Then it will power off automatically.

    12. Remove microSD card and turn on the unit, it will start to run Android 4.0 system, finish!

    NOTE: During firmware update has the unit plugged into wall outlet; otherwise, firmware will be “corrupted” if lose battery power during updating.

    IMPORTANT: Firmware update/reinstall will wipe out any software or information installed to unit after initial startup
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    I got a Craig 741e (CMP741e), FCC ID AQF-RA-WN11087A with a lost password, stuck on a lock screen, forgotten pattern, no wifi connectivity.

    The Craig does NOT support a reset mode, none of the typical combinations of power/volume buttons get you to a restore screen.

    The only supported way to restore to default is a firmware restore mode. will tell you how to get the firmware file

    (install instructions:

    HOWEVER! Some CMP741 units will end up stuck on the green Android screen with this version!

    If that happens, Craig has supplied a cleaner firmware in case that the first one fails,

    The name of the core image in that RAR file is sun4i_crane_aihua_20121121, if that gives anyone clues about the system.

    Installs the same way - will reboot several times after the firmware install completes, and will fail the first time it runs ("Unfortunately, <process name> has stopped." over and over again). One more reboot will solve that issue.

    The Flashing software, PhoenixCard 3.06, is VERY buggy. If would not work with my built multi-card reader on my PC or with an add on-SD card reader on that PC. (could not even see the card). On my laptop, the built in PCI Card reader never recognized the card, but it finally burned the card using the add on card reader. Some people suggest disconnecting ALL USB peripherals before burning. Also, I found if the flash burning failed over and over, sometime a reboot caused PhoenixCard to start working again.

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    craig 744a
    HI. I too have a craig tablet. its a 10.1, model cmp744a. I locked myself out. I tried to reset with a pin in the reset luck. I never received an os disk with mine.. ought from kijiji. can anyone help me with this? I cant find a thing anywhere...
    much appreciated.



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