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Thread: need help asap

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    need help asap

    My brother bought an android neuropad for my father for christmas, and in his infinite wisdom he decided to play with it beforehand.
    he decided that he didnt like the apps that came preinstalled on it and for reasons know only to himself he, instead of just deleting the apps, did a complete factory reset

    The tablet, once it rebooted, was all in chinese and after I got the guys at the local chinese restaurant to decipher and change the language back to english, I have found that the tablet is now unable to download apps from the google play/android store.

    does anyone know how to fix this.

    any help would be appreciated.

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    seems to me that the solution to your problem would be to re-install the firmware, here are some links to the tools to flash and full flashing instructions to re-instate your Neuropad tablet the way it was when you first got it. I've done it myself when my Neuropad suddenly stopped booting and it works perfectly fine.

    OK first you need to get all the required software installed on your pc/laptop.
    To download the latest version of firmware (as of 18/03/12) go to the following link

    Once you have that you will need the tool to flash your tablet

    The flashing tool is called Livesuite -- you can download it here.

    Download it and then unzip it to a location you know where it is

    When you plug in the tablet and asks you for drivers you need to browse your PC for drivers and select the USB drivers folder in the livesuite folder you have just unzipped.

    If it does not ask for drivers go to start on your PC, right click on the computer option and select manage. Then from the pop up box select 'device manager'. In there you will see a device called 'android' with a yellow exclamation mark. double click this, select update driver from the pop up box and then browse to the livesuite folder you have unzipped and then into the USB drivers folder contained within

    there are PDF instructions in the livesuite zip to help you install livesuite

    Install the 4.0.3 firmware using the Livesuite tool . Instructions are here in a video, it's all in chinese but fast forward to the point when you connect the tablet to the pc/laptop and see what button you need to press.

    You are now ready to flash
    To get the tablet into the mode to accept being flashed it mus be powered off

    Hold down the Volume + button, plug in the USB cable, tap the power button 10 times quickly, then let go of the volume+ button, select the format install option from the pop up box and wait for it to finish.



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