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Thread: Android System Info - Display Device Information

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    ASI provides a lot of technical information (Hardware, System, Telephony...),Task Manager, App manager, logs viewer, battery stats and more
    WIDGET WONT WORK IF YOU MOVE ASI TO SDCARD (it is an android limitation).

    Android System Info does exactly what the name states, providing you all of your Android phone’s “under-the-hood” information and morVersion: 1.10.2
    Size: 173KB
    Category: Productivity
    Price: Free
    This loaded application comes with five main tabs: Dashboard, System, Tasks, Apps, and Logs.
    Lookup handy info like how much battery, internal memory, SD card space, and RAM you have free.
    View uptime (time since the phone was last shutoff), current network type (e.g. WiFi) and IP address.
    A comprehensive list of all the information you need about your Android device (e.g. OS, build info, memory, CPU, screen, sensors, java properties, etc.)
    A sortable list of opened apps including their memory and CPU usage.
    CPU load displayed.
    Quickly switch to or end a specific task/app.
    Great functionality, just like what you’d find in Advanced Task Manager (and it looks like plenty of Android users enjoy the task killing capability).
    List of all installed applications.
    Launch, manage, uninstall, or view the specific app in the Android Market.
    A log of exactly what your Android phone is doing, like what you would find in the Dalvik Debug Monitor (DDMS) used by developers.
    Use the menu to update, save, or categorize the current log.

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    After I saw this post i was like WOW i need that but I noticed I already had gotten it LOL. In all its GREAT it tells you everything i will hope to use it to gain knowledge about my tablet as its an aPAD (or Asian pad) I need to find out if i can upgrade the firmware although i have eclair 2.1 i would like to try 2.2 or anything.

    Anyway I found this app easily IDK if i used CHOMP or just the Android Market itself but i remember i searched for something like system information (i don't member my exact search term) but it was something similar and when i chose top apps or something like that it was to top of the top LOL so i figured ill get it.

    The only thing the is odd that i dont like is that my tablet also has a Chinese app market called EOE and i cant remove it or use it (its in Chinese) So in the end after i ask for help ( i must search and learn as much as possible first (if you dont search before you ask i would not be surprised if you get links from Let me google that for you (i love that site) I like to use it when i know of a search term that gives a lot of good links its usefull to use search terms like "Fail" or "UBER FAIL" for unbelievable questions (like stuff asked that has been answers in the thread the post is in. HE HE anyway thanks for the heads up and also what other apps worth mentioning are you hosting (or linking to) that may be useful? Thanks

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    "A" in APAD is "Android" not Asian.
    Android Pad = APAD

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    So it would seem that even though my Droid can go up to 800mhz it just chooses not to.
    Pimping aint easy.

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    touch pro 2 /xdandroid
    my wm8505 crashes when i click system. please help!

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    AnalyzeME – Mobile Device Info App
    AnalyzeME -a Mobile Device Testing Application to verify the readiness status of your Android device for various types of connected mobile applications. It provides you complete information regarding the resources and networks on your device. The application can be used to get complete status of your Device resources, Network connectivity settings and the status of sensors. Users can also test some of the features of their phone at run time.

    Users can then send the status report of the device via eMail or SMS to a support engineer or organization, enabling application providers to support users on the working of their applications.

    Unique Features:
    - Runtime Refresh- Any resource changes while running the application are reflected immediately.
    - Network Test – Users can check whether Wifi and Mobile Data networks are working by using the test buttons provided.
    - Send Report – User can send report by Email / SMS.

    Android Market Link: t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImNvbS5kZXZpY2UuaW5mbyJd

    MobiMedia Technology Team
    MobiMedia Home Page

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    I've got another good option, it's named SysInfoTool and you can read the full app review here.
    It will show you all the info about processor(s), memory, storage, and even some info about the sensors inside your android device.

    Direct android market link here


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    @xaueious I do have the android Market, but how do I found out what the processor/Ram or what ever I need to install the flash player.

    Thanks for the infor

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    Hi, if the tablet does not have the original stock ROM anymore, do these tools show the true hardware configuration or the information written by the modified ROM?

    In other words if I don't know the name of the tablet but this was upgraded, is there any valid info which I can use to identify the real model I have ?


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    Chinese Tablet / T10A / Android 4.0.3
    Hello All,

    The problem is that I am new on this platform so I cant start a new topic so please forgive me that I am posting under this current one as it best fits my own problem too.

    I just ordered for ACER tablet from a Chinese store and after transferring of money, he said his bank removed some charges and sent me a Chinese based model. The one he sent me... All that was written on the pack is MID Android 10" Tablet PC Android 10-inch High Resolution. But I have got issues with it...


    1. The screen is not well calibrated... I think because when it is not plugged to anything, along a line on the screen, I cant type anything, if I need to type a key on that part, I have to move my finger a bit to the left so as to be able to get precision.

    2 Whenever I plug it to power or computer, the screen gets distorted and I think that is because of the current going over it.. but y?

    3. I cant install some other applications from Android Market because it cant detect his model I think? or cos of the ROM... Like Faceboon, Twitter, Instagram amongst others.

    Using Quadrant Advanced, I have the info below;

    SDK Version: 4.0.3
    ID: IML74K
    OS name: Linux
    OS Version: 3.0.8

    Model: T10A
    Product: crane_evb
    Board: crane
    Brand: softwinners
    Fingerprint: softwinners/crane_evb/crane-evb:4.0.3/IML74K/20120331:eng/test-keys

    Name: ARMv7 Processor rev 2(v71)
    Current freq: 1008MHz
    Max freq: 1008Mhz
    Min freq: 60MHz
    Cores: 1
    Architecture: 7
    BogoMIPS: 1001.88
    Hardware: sun4i
    Revision: 2
    Serial #:0000000000000000

    Total: 833844kb
    Free: 381136kb
    Inactive: 227652

    Resolution: 600x976
    Refresh Rate: 58.72Hz

    Vendor: ARM
    Renderer: Mali-400 MP
    Version: OpenGL ES-CM 1.1

    Max texture units: 8
    Max Texture size: 4096
    Max lights: 8

    VBO: Supported
    Frame Buffers: supported
    Cube maps: supported
    Texture combiners: supported
    DOT3 ombiner: supported
    crossbar combiner: unsupported


    Mag & Acc Combo Orientation Sensor.

    That is all...

    So please is there any way I can rectify the screen blind problem (PROBLEM 1)? Any better rom I can use that will work with it better and save memory? How to save company firmware, how to save present rom... download a new firmware and majorly..... HOW TO RECOGNIZE THIS THING!

    Please help is needed.

    Thanks all in advance.

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