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    Guide to rooting generic epad

    First off Hello,

    It is my hope in creating this post to guide newbies, like myself, through the process of rooting and flashing roms to generic epads much like the one I have just purchased off of . I will be recieving the tablet this afternoon and begin my "adventures". So let me lay out my plans, and please let me know off any advise any of you have on this process and any flaws I may have. I have been on many different forums doing my doing my best to find easy ways to accomplish these tasks.

    Step 1: rooting - It is my plan to use z4root to root the tablet by loading the application to an sd card and using appinstaller from the market to install and run z4root. I'm hoping to gain perm. root this way which will allow me to complete the next steps

    Step 2: install superuser from the market. This will allow me to grant superuser permissions to apps that require it.

    Step 3: ROM flashing - this is where things my get tricky. From what i understand gingerbread will not require any hardware modifications to run and it is my hope to flash the pad to gingerbread. I will be using clockworkmod from the market to manage the ROMS and flash them to the device also to create the recovery.

    Here is what I need from those who are much smarter then I am.
    ROMS - I know these are device specific, from what I've read.
    Point out flaws in my ideas and anything I have missed, again I am new at this and I am not a programer of any kind, I just want to make this process yes for those people out there like myself.

    Please be kind if I have posted in the area and if I have come off as a complete Noob, because to be honest I am. I'm working with what info I can find after going through hundreds of post and dozens of forums.

    Update 2/25/11
    Epad arrive in great shape yet to root will post as soon as the root is completed.
    still need help with ROMS I will post spec tomorrow. sad to see no one has replied yet.

    Update 2/25/11 9:00pm
    Z4root successful, loaded via flash drive. Superuser installed during root. Clockworkmod installed but useless to me at this point no support for WOWpad/superpad. Any help is great. Also attempting to delete factory installed apps.

    Update 2/26/11 10:50am
    Now using titanium backup to remove bloatware. Working great.
    More to com once I locate some ROMS. Still looking for some help on that.

    Thanks to all
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    Ok, so how did you get z4 to work? I'm not sure about on yours, but on mine, it says 'Must enable usb debugging' when I try to do perm or temp root and then it takes me to applications settings. But development is not an option like normally in Android. Was yours this way? I have a 10.2" Epad, made by gome. Its from China, looks like a giant Ipod touch, but its Android, of course. Any feedback you have would be great.
    Also, I tried installing SU from market and its saying I don't have root, lol. Just my luck.

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    hello Lump,
    maybe you can help me, I purchased a generic epad (china) and I have had it around 3 months and its been operating fine but I updated it a couple days ago and now its stuck on a calibration screen and i cant get the touch screen to do anything. I used a wireless mouse a couple times because it seemed to respond a lot better and when i unplugged the mouse the touchscreen was very slow. this was prior to the update. Is there a way to flash this thing or reboot it to factory so i can use the thing again. Right now its useless to me. I am computer smart, but all the flashing and rooting lingo has me stumped. Please help if possible.


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    hi i have got a superpad3 and i was new to all this i used tim5a to root the pad and it was so easy to do and works really well

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    I am totally confused, i want to get android market on my sylvania 7" and don,t know where to start. Please help someone... :-)

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    Okay currently testing the temporary root on my Saycool A710... Aaaaaaaand it does not appear to open. I installed it, opened it, temporarily rooted, opened superuser, no idea what that does, closed it, tried to open z4root again, NOTHING (besides an error message).


    Update: began working once per boot... Now I can't get it to boot. Last action from z4root was to "unroot". I think it lied to me...
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