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    coby kyros mid1042

    google play onto my kyros mid1042?

    How do I find out how to get google play onto my kyros mid1042?

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    Hi 5talldays, congratulations on your new mid1042 and welcome to the forum. I've moved your thread here, where more people are likely to join the discussion and try to help you. Good luck!
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    Assuming you're using Windows, we have sticky posts at the top of the forums in Generation 3 Technical and Generation 3 Development which should be helpful. The sticky in Generation 3 Technical has drivers. The root utility is found in Generation 3 Development. Read the sticky posts first before attempting to do anything.
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    Coby mid1042 v4.0.3

    I just rooted my coby mid1042 with Google play v3.10.10
    It took me some time to figure it out, but i did it.

    I reset coby mid1042, then hooked up wi-fi
    I used these programs for rooting

    Files needed Superuser.apk, GoogleServicesFramework.apk, OneTimeInitializer.apk,SetupWizard.apk, and Vending.apk

    You will need "ES File Manager" installed

    To start, go toDeveloper Options and turn on USB Debugging and hook up cable to computer. Ithen started SuperOneClick 2.3.3, and click the Advance tab on top, then clickcheck driver. if you need to load it, then go back to the general tab and clickroot. Mine stops/freezes at step 7, ifso, that is ok, just force close the program and open unlockroot23-eng and itwill finish the job. Once open (NOTE:you could get a script error, just clickoutt of it) click root and it shouldfind your tablet. A "Choose a connection device" box will pop upclick your device. (NOTE: if you have rooted before pop ups will come up, just chooseroot again). It will ask you to load other apps, you pick, for i said no, thenit will ask you to reboot, click yes and you are rooted.
    You need to make sure Superuser is installed on the tablet,if not then you will need to install the Superuser.apk, with your cable connectedgo to tablet click the clock and click "usb connected tab", and click"turn on USB storage", and ok. On computer a pop-up will show, click "openfolder to view files". Open the Download folder and copy Superuser.apk toit, if you want Google play now is a good time to put those files in as well. Iput the whole file in it "Android Market on coby mid1042", with GoogleServicesFramework.apk,OneTimeInitializer.apk , SetupWizard.apk, and Vending.apk inside of it. (NOTE:Vending.apk is Google play.apk v3.10.10) .Once you are done go to coby turn offusb storage and click out go to (home),now go to apps open "Es File Explorer" and check for updates and update it if needed,once done reopen and it will open in /sdcard/, click download and click Superuser.apkand load it. once done go back to apps a check to see if it is loaded and turnoff tablet and restart it. Once rebooted open "Es File Explorer" andopen settings, scroll down, then open "Root Settings". Make sure you everything is checked, Check ROOT EXPLORER chooseyes and allow for superuser, Check the UPTO ROOT, and check the MOUNT FILE SYSTEM. All should be checked, if you want toget Google play. Once done go back, to get out of settings, you should now bein /sccard/again, now hit the back button one more time and you should be inthe root of your tablet. (NOTE: if you see a file named system then you are inthe root dir.)
    This will get Google play Market on coby mid1042,open"Es File Explorer" you need togo to /sdcard/download/Android Market on coby mid1042/ or where you place thosefiles. load the three droid apks in this order, OneTimeInitializer, SetupWizard,then GoogleServicesFramework. (NOTE: make sure they install successfully). Youwill need to copy the Vending.apk , oncecopied hit the back button 3 times to get to root and click system, app, youshould be in /system/app/ now past Vending.apk and scroll down to make sure yousee it, now shut down and reboot. when you reboot you will be asked to startwith two options Launcher or Setup Wizard, you want to pick Launcher, but makesure you check now or later the check mark "Use by default for this action".Make sure wi-fi is on. and go to APPSopen Google play it should ask you for you GMAIL account, try to login, if youcould not login reboot and it will let you. You are done!
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