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    8 gig card... where did all my free space go on my micro sd card???

    so i bought a 8 gig. micro sd card . i formated my sd card to run: dual boot phiremod and honeycomb. Presto, beautiful. It worked i put my nook color on my pc using a usb port. then i go to my computer. i open up the nook drive and iyt says that i got 124 mb of free space. where did my 8 gigs go? i know that the roms for the android aint that big to fill up all that space. i thought i read a forum about when after you place the rom on the micro sd card that you can go into the propertys and adjust something. i cant find anything on that anymore. anyone got any ideas. thanks people

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    If you used the correct procedure for the size of your card (either an 8GB image or size agnostic) then everything should be fine. Part of the process of burning the image makes it look like the card has lost all its space. This is because Windows can only see the boot partition which should be very small so that Android can use the rest of the card space.

    You need partition software to see all the partitions on the card with your PC. You still won't be able to utilize them though. The real key is what you see when using the card in the Nook. Android will be able to see the partitions as free space for apps and files.

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    Hook your cable up to your Nook - and open the USB storage function on status bar at the bottom. Your PC should display your storage on the PC - under SD card.



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