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    What does Rooted mean and how do I find out if my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 WiFi is?

    Pardon this really newby question but I am one of those. Keep reading about a ROOTED device and Apps that require root access. So my question is how do I know and what does it do?

    Please disregard - I found the answer to my question.
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    gald you have found your answres, but i also search some informations for some noobs :-)

    First question we'll tackle is "what is root?":
    To have root access on a linux based system such as android means you have the equivalent access of Administrator on a Windows based computer. You will have unrestricted full access to nearly all aspects of the android system stack.

    Second question "why would i want to obtain root access on my phone":
    For those of us who would like an extreme level of control over our phone's files, root access is a necessity. Having a rooted phone gives the end user unprecedented control over the phone, enabling them to have limitless possibilities. Essentially unlocking your phone's full potential. With root/superuser access on your phone you would be able to flash modified roms (roms from other devices) , have access to certain functions on "root only" applications (example: wireless tether for root users - ability to tether your phone). The possibilities are endless.

    Third question "how do i obtain root access on my phone (and keep it)":
    To obtain root access, akin to jailbreaking, developers/hackers will need to find a system exploit that enables them root access. HTC devices such as the Tmobile G1 (HTC DREAM) and Tmobile Mytouch3g (HTC sapphire/magic) have been successfully rooted. Finding root is a matter of time, if it can be built, it can be broken. This translates to having the superuser.apk in the rom with the superuser binaries installed. Once you have root access you can continue to flash a customized recovery image (hold x + power on) and a compatible bootloader/spl (secondary program loader) which will in turn, enable you to flash custom modified roms (example: cyanogenmod)



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