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    Storage Capacity

    I've purchased a Galaxy 2 7" tablet that is advertised as having 8 gigs of storage, but the unit that was sent to me has only 4 gigs of storage. Please give me an explanation for this descrepency.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I would expect to see about 5-6 Gigs of storage.

    First, it has 8,000,000,000 bytes of storage. Looks like 8 GB, right? Well, computers do not know 10-based math, only 2 based math. So, instead of dividing by 1000, you must divide by the closest it can do which is 1024. Done 3 times (bytes - kbytes - mbytes - gbytes) gives 7.45 GB to start with. (This is the same reason a 1 TB drive formats to 931 GB).

    Secondly, the memory is partitioned into a few different pieces (system, cache, data, recovery) System, cache and recovery all tend to get around 0.5 GB each, but depends on how the manufacturer decided to slice it up. Whatever is left over is on the data partition or your internal memory (/sdcard/).

    Try using the app DiskUsage to verify how much space is on your internal (data or /sdcard/).

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    To give a less technical answer, devices are advertised with the total storage space of the device, not the storage space available to the user. Android uses about 3-4GB to install the system (many of the partitions mentioned above). The left over is what is available to you as the user, which in this case is about 4GB. That is just the way it works.

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