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Thread: Tab 2 7.0 and Using External Memory (8GB SD Card)?

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    Tab 2 7.0 and Using External Memory (8GB SD Card)?


    I have a new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and have added an 8gb sd external memory card.

    The only user manual provided by Samsung is a quick start guide which is very basic.

    I have downloaded and read the online user's guide as far as external memory goes. It tells you how to insert the card and how to format it. And that's it.

    How do I add a file to the external memory card? How do I access the external memory card?

    I guess I want to know how to use the external memory card I added.

    I know this is a nice tablet. It would be grand if Samsung would tell me how to use it!

    Thank you.

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    I think Samsung supplies a kind of minimilistic file explorer, which can be used, well, as you would expect to use a file explorer. You can, and probably should, download a more feature rich app like the excellent and free ES File Explorer.
    For the most part external storage is used for media and data storage, and the microSD can make a convenient way to move data between devices.

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    I find all tablets are a bit different in regards to the microSD cards. I own 4 tablets and each is a bit different. On all 4, I use 64 GB Sandisk cards (class 10) which I bought fro Amazon (sold and shipped by) for $42.00 each.

    With the Samsung I have found the microSD card needs to be formatted as FAT32 (not NTFS, exFAT..). Also, applications cannot be moved to the microSD card so it's going t be used primarily for data and backups. Good place for music files, video files, caches, backups and so forth.

    Now, if you want to move files quickly from a PC to the tablet I usually take out the microSD card (I turn it off, but likely, you can just unmount it), put it into a SDXC adapter (about $3 on eBay), insert it into a USB on the PC, copy the files, and put the card back into the Samsung.

    Now, to move files I use the following applications:

    - "Astro File Manager" (I have the add-on's too like Bluetooth)

    - "AndroXplorer Pro"

    - "MediaHousePro"
    UPnPLAY, I save files from a media player this way

    The most useful & what I normally use on all my tablets is "Astro File Manager". With it you can access files on your tablet, local area network (ie: media players, PC..), Box (cloud storage), Dropbox (cloud storage), Facebook, Google Drive (cloud storage) and SkyDrive (cloud storage). These can be selected by swiping the left side to access a pull-out menu.

    Now for my tablet lets say I need to move or copy files from the built in memory to the microSD card (I set preferences wherever I can to by default save to the microSD card). In the left pull out pane I select 'My File 1', click until I get to where my files are. The top-left address bar will show something like "storage sdcard0" and now I select (say) the 'Download' folder and the address bar update to display: "storage sdcard0 Download".

    At this point you can:

    (for a single file)
    press and hold a single file and you'll get a menu on the bottom right and across the bottom with options such as 'Copy', 'Move', 'Delete' and so on


    (Multiple Files)
    first select the rectangle box on the top-right menu bar (it will then show "Multi-Select On), select all the files you want (or select one and hold and ALL files are selected), then shoose your option at the bootom bar (ie: 'Copy', 'Move', 'Delete'...)

    THEN select where you are moving/coping to. On my tablet, from the left pull menu (you pull it out of the left side) I select 'My Files 2', select the folder I want or create a new one (the top bar, right side, the folder with the + inside it), then select 'PASTE' at the bottom right.

    Really easy to do even if it sounds like a-lot.

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    Thank you so much for a delightfully comprehensive answer.



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