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Thread: Sytabex7 2.2 wireless woes

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    Sytabex7 2.2 wireless woes

    this would be my first post here but I have been a long time lurker in these forums.
    Long story short i bought a Sytabex7 (mini tablet express) and upgraded to froyo.everything works fine except the wireless. The wifi signal stays alive and then once it goes to standby it does not wake up. I read the whole resources thread. Changed txpower to 20 and upgraded the wifi driver all to no avail. at this point i really regret upgrading because i usually use it in places where i need to keep disconnecting from one spot to another and this was not an issue before. did anybody every figure out a fix? any help would be appreciated in advance

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    I have the same tablet, with the 2.2 upgrade.
    Mine drops the Wifi connection when it goes into standby, but once it comes back, it takes 30 sec or so to reconnects automatically.
    Maybe it's considered a feature, i.e conserves power when in standby.

    I imagine you could set it to never go into standby, then turn down the screen brightness to conserve power.
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    Sylvania SYNET7LP
    Quote Originally Posted by kakuto View Post
    did anybody every figure out a fix? any help would be appreciated in advance
    As mentioned by
    Quote Originally Posted by john_tartar View Post
    Maybe it's considered a feature, i.e conserves power when in standby.
    We're not alone with this issue/feature. Other infoTM devices (Flytouch II, WOWpad, SuperPAD) are plagued by the wifi, as noted in this post on one of the development sites xda-developers - View Single Post - [ROM]InfoTM X220 (Flytouch II, WOWpad, SuperPAD) and this thread on another site Setting WiFi on Superpad2 FlyTouch3.

    The suggestions gathered in the Resources for the SYNET7LP/SYTABEX7/Disgo 6000 are just that, suggested fixes to some common issues and may not work in every situation but new solutions are constantly being identified. Continue to scour all of the forums related to infoTM devices and Ralink wifi devices for other fixes that may work on your device. If we can combine our efforts to create a custom ROM that address our common issues we could all benefit with working wifi, auto rotation (orientation), automatic updates, working Market, Flash, more CPU resources, etc...

    One of the other files often associated with wifi issues is /system/bin/wpa_supplicant. In this thread they discuss replacing it with a patched version which also adds adhoc functionality Android Ad-hoc support hack/wpa_supplicant. However, this may introduce new issues when scanning. So if adhoc connections are not important, you may not want to try this potential fix.

    Another thought, since the infoTM family of devices all seem to be sharing the same base software but the physical hardware differs (Sylvania 10-inch Magni Tablet - SYTAB10MT (SYNET10LP), Fyltouch, SuperPad, etc.) all have a little switch to toggle the WiFi On/Off where the 7" doesn't have this option, could this be messing up the 7" coming out of standby and failing to connect to a weak signal?

    Also, with the common software the 7" devices think there is an Ethernet port where none really exists. The programmers have left eth0 turned on by default. Could this be an issue that could be resolved by turning off reference to eth0 device? In this firmware update, for another infoTM device, in the /system/app folder there is a EthernetSettings.apk application which can be installed on an updated 2.2 Sylvania device that will allow the Ethernet port to be turned off.

    Name:  Ethernet.JPG
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Size:  2.9 KB Name:  Settings.JPG
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Size:  32.9 KB Name:  settings_db-secure.jpg
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Size:  59.0 KB

    Finally, there is a reference to wifi in the build.prop that is blank "ro.wifi.channels=". Does this have any impact to identifying available wifi? Several threads discuss modifying the build.prop for various reasons but with caution because many devices have been bricked by messing with build.prop.

    Updated: Attached EthernetSetting.apk
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    Finally got my sytabex7-2 to accept ad hoc network rooted with universal androot v1.6.1 from this thread and used zt-180 adhoc switcher from slideme app market worked like a charm. Havent tested txpower mod if someone does let me know it doesnt destroy anything.

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    does anyone have a usb ethernet hub to test on the sytabex7-2? if it works i will be ordering one for faster download/upload speeds at home. thanks



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