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    mid x5a

    My Midx5a android tablet is frozen

    Hi there, My midx5a has frozen on the android screen. I have tried letting the battery die and starting it up again. I have pushed the litte reset button near the sd card slot. What else can i do?

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    Better question What don't I own, Oh a generic APAD
    OK, two quick but important questions.
    1. Is this device rooted?
    2. Did you apply/add a new application just prior to this problem.

    Let's see if you can boot into Safe Mode. On a X5a/X6 you should be able to enter safe mode by
    - Make sure no power is plugged in
    - Press the centre of the touchscreen, & keep it pressed
    - Power on the device as normal with the power button. Do not stop pressing the touchscreen
    - It should power up in Safe mode! (a message should be in the bottom left corner states this)

    If it does not power up into safe mode, then I am afraid, the device may be hosed. If it can boot into Safe Mode, consider the Apps and services installed, I would place it with Network Services disabled and some of the recent installed apps uninstalled. Also Go into Settings, Applications and Clear Cache for all installed apps. Attempt reboot.

    Apologies, I am diagnosing without seeing, so it can be many things.
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    Hi gents my name is trevvylook....i had the problem you had ,it happened after my android fell onto the floor.It was stuck on the android startup screen.I followed a thread on this forum"(ROM) HSG MIDX5A oFFICIAL aNDROID 2.1 fIRMWARE",I followed the instructions it gave on reinstalling the firmware.I now get a I LOVE YOU SPLASH SCREEN,and then the little penguin on the top left hand side of the screen the the android logo screen ,then the tablet is up.ONLY ONE PROBLEM............I AHE SAFE MODE SHOWING ON THE BOTTOM LHS OF THE SCREEN AND UNLESS I HOLD THE POWER BUTTON ON IT WILL POWER OFF AND STAY OFF.DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET THIS TABLET OUT OF SAFE MODE.



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