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    Weak WIFI Signal

    OK - have an issue here that is really annoying, have a wondermia WM8650 tablet - I have to be litterely with a foot or so of the router for it to pick up the WIFI, any farther than that forget about it - even with being close, I only have 4 out of 5 bars, if I move across the room, it drops down to maybe 1, our netbook still gets a full 5 out of 5 bars - anyone know if this is a common issue, anyway to fix it?? or do I just nned to run an ethernet cord to plug the thing into when I need to use it online??Any

    info or suggestions would be greately appreciated.


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    atleast you can connect, one bar or not. I can't ever connect mine. Bought it two weeks ago to find my network, but can't ever connect to it. It's a secured network, so i changed it, still could not connect. My laptop & ipod touch can connect with no problems. I've read over and over that the wm8650 model has an antenna issue. It over heats. How true this is i'm not sure, BUT it sucks! This gadget is no use to me without wifi connect. I've posted on many threads about my current situation to find that i need to open it up and add something to the antenna to keep it from over heating. Umm, no. I'm not tech savey enough to do this. I'd probably mess it up even more and void my warranty in doing so. Needless to say I'm pretty PO'd. If you should run into a solution would you mind sharing? I could use the help as well. I see many threads on android forums asking the same question. Why can't i connect AND OR STAY connected to my wifi. This flat out, period point blank SUCKS!!!!!


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    I had the same issue with my kids panteceh novel on my main router but was able to connect to my second router that I use as an access point. The second router is a Linksyes and works fine.

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