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Dec 26, 2016
Nov 26, 2010
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San Diego, California U.S.A
Owner of JRSEO Marketing, LLC.

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Dec 26, 2016
    1. stevending
      Hello ,the newest firmware for the white pdn 7", where the weblink is? tks!
    2. twin
      Hey Feverhost, i was checking out your profile and just reading up on your feeds a little you seem to be talented in spotting these good tablets. I recently just bout 5 of them and i am very upset with the purchase. The screens are very cheap and its unresponsive to the touch. I dont care about blue tooth and all that, i just want it to respond to the touch, internet, FB & YT etc. and be able to to type good. IM REALLY INTRESTED in knowing which one should i buy this time because these guys wont give me my money back. I bought them from ebay but i didnt really notice the no return policy. Please help me out and tell me which i should get with a very responsive touch. THANKS A MILLION! SELLBYUS@YAHOO.COM
    3. dtraylor

      Thanks for the review on the PDN 7. I purchased one last night for the $60 Kohl's deal.

      Please check for a private message.

      Thanks for any advice you can provide.
    4. Ciake
      hi there, do you know how i create a post to start a new topic and open a discussion?
    5. robop
      no Love just FEAR!!!
    6. robop
      Dude congrats on your win. I am sorry but I wanted to drop you a line and say I don't know why but your profile pic freaks me out :P
    7. mgr52
      I am actually really excited about gingerbread and its features. Not only does it not have the minimum requirements everyone thought it would but the video and game capabilities are going to be great. More so the video than games since I watch a lot of vids.

      btw I started a group called android tablets anonymous, it is just a group for those that are like us and obsessed. join!
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    Home Page:
    San Diego, California U.S.A
    Owner of JRSEO Marketing, LLC.
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    My Tablets: Pandigital White Novel - aPad iRobot RK2818 - Motorola Xoom 4G (Rooted JellyBean 4.1.2) - Kindle Fire - Novo Elf 7" - HP Slate 7" - Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro
    I have over 24 years of computer/net experience, and roughly 18 years of on-line marketing exp. I'm the owner of JRSEO Marketing, LLC which is an on-line marketing company.


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