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Sep 24, 2010
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Edina, MN USA
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Administrator, from Edina, MN USA

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Sep 15, 2012
    1. MikeTodd
      Thank you for liking my 32GB SD memory post. It is all about the voice of the customer!
    2. joy wang
      joy wang
      hello,nice to meet you
    3. Aja
      first, an overall note to say thank you! I HAVE THE S7 AND LOVE IT. Lovedyour new sticky on chargers. Was just thinking we needed a brief sticky on all available accessories and there was your new post. Batteries? Saw only one post. I'm still trying to find a confirmdd answer on whci bt keyboards work. Anyway, a big thanks.
    4. PaTwRiK
      Out of curiosity, would you know how to close tabs in skyfire? Thanks
    5. sacooper34
      hi peter what do you use to clean the screen on the s7? i did nopt see a thread for this and i do not want to damage the screen. the s7 is great this is my 1st android tablet and i love it. thank you for your time the site is great they sold me on the s7.
    6. gadgetrants
      Peter, I'm sort of reluctant to ask you this (i.e,. "gift horse" and all that), but I'm a bit worried that I have more posting points than I deserve. I really haven't paid attention, but my total just doesn't compute. My theory is that I'm a careful typist, and so I preview my post several times before finally submitting it. It doesn't make sense but could the multiple "Preview Message" cycles somehow be increasing my post numbers??? :o

    7. leomick
      Could you tell me how to reset my tablet zt180 10.2" android epad to factory condition please
    8. allexoss
      Thanks for the help !
    9. lotusflower
      Hi pbrauer! This is lotusflower here. (Yes that is the literal translation of my name in English!) I happened to be on your pic! Am so glad to meet you! You are always so straight and helpful and polite too! Thanks for all the helpful info but i probably will need you during the update to 2.2. Keep up the good work!
      G-d bless you!
    10. gurgle
      I am sure like you. I am sure whether to give ranelluci a citation or just ignore him. Aurgh. Just venting thanks for the moment of insanity
    11. rudydh
      Is there any way to reopen the Huawei S7 Accesories site? I would like to know if anyone has seen or heard anything.

    12. TABMOMMI
      wanted to come by and say THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME it means alot to find someone willing to help

      Chayda B
    13. skye lee
      skye lee
      can you explain why my post is "some what suspicious"?
    14. pbrauer
      Hey,please free to drop me a note!
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    Edina, MN USA
    Business Architect
    Tablet / Device:
    HTC Thunderbolt, ViewSonic GTab, Huawei S7, Gentouch 78
    Married, 6 kids, been in IT for 24 years.


    Peter B. - email: tardis@androidtablets.net | Twitter: pbbrauer | Google+: pbbrauer | gTalk: pbbrauer@gmail.com
    Current Devices, ROMs:
    (Active) VZW Samsung Galaxy Nexus- Rooted, Android ICS 4.0.2 | ASUS Transformer Prime TF201- Rooted, Unlocked, Virtuous Prime- v1 ROM
    (Retired) Viewsonic gTab - Rooted, Flashback 10.3 (Honeycomb) | Huawei S7 - Rooted, Froyo Fusion R2 | (Other) Nook Color (2 of these) | Gentouch 7/8 - Rooted, Lincrackers Pirate 3

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