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by dandroid at Sep 5, 2017
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DALLAS, Aug. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting this Friday, AT&T* business and consumer customers can visit or an AT&T store to purchase AT&T PrimetimeTM for $10 a month for 20 months with an AT&T Installment plan, or $29.99 with a 2 year contract.1

This AT&T exclusive tablet is loaded with entertainment and productivity features like TV Mode, which offers access to your favorite video apps like DIRECTV in one quick touch or swipe.2 AT&T Unlimited PlusSM or AT&T Unlimited ChoiceSMcustomers can also add AT&T Primetime to their unlimited wireless plan for an additional $20/month.3

With its high-quality HD video, incredible Dolby audio sound, long-lasting battery and very reasonable price, the 10-inch AT&T Primetime tablet is another way AT&T is bringing you an outstanding entertainment experience – all on the nation's best...
by 4Nines at Sep 5, 2017
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#1 - ASUS ZenPad 3S

ASUS released the ZenPad as a direct challenge to rivals at Samsung and Apple, including similar specs and build quality, but with more storage and at a lower price. This is the ultimate tablet for most people, delivering the latest and fastest technology at a stomachable price point.

The smart and sleek design gives priority to the 9.7-inch 2k IPS screen, which runs on ASUS proprietary VisualMaster technology for a stunning 2048 x 1536 resolution. It scores 264 ppi, which is the same as the iPad. The gorgeous screen has an impress 78 percent ratio compared to the body, leaving just enough room below for a super accurate fingerprint sensor that is quick and convenient. In addition to the fingerprint scanner, the device has a microSD slot for additional storage and a USB-C port for quick charging. There isn’t room for much more, as the bezel is less...
by 4Nines at Sep 1, 2017
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If you're getting into the Cryptocurrency craze then here are ten Android apps that will keep you up to date on current values.
by dgstorm at Jul 31, 2016
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While this is an exciting rumor for most Android fans, it will not be pleasant news for folks who own the Google Nexus 5 smartphone. The good news is that Android 7.0 Nougat will supposedly start pushing out to Nexus devices August 5th. The bad news is that for some odd reason, the update will not be made available for the Nexus 5.

Here's the quote from Evan Blass, "Android 7.0 releases next month, with the 8/5 security patch. Sorry Nexus 5 owners, no Nougat for you."

Considering @evleaks' excellent track record with Android leaks, this news seems likely to be true, although Nexus 5 owners are probably wishing he was wrong on at least part of it.
by dgstorm at Jul 1, 2016
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Dell has apparently abandoned their Android tablet product line. They recently announced they will no longer be making any Android based tablets, and will not even be pushing out updates to their existing ones. They indicated they intend to refocus their efforts on 2-in-1 Windows devices instead.

Dell will continue to provide remaining warranty support to their existing Android tablet line, like the Dell Venue 8. Here's a quote from a Dell spokesperson in an email,

"The slate tablet market is over-saturated and is experiencing declining demand from consumers, so we’ve decided to discontinue the Android-based Venue tablet line."

What do you folks think of Dell's decision? Do any of you own a Dell Android tablet?

Source: PCWorld
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