1 idiot Newbie with not 1 but 2 Chinese tablets

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    Man, didI get screwedROYALLY!!! I bought a tablet through E-Bay, from a company in China, notrealizing that the tablet was Chinese based and was not properly registered.When it had a problem, I contacted the seller, for a replacement, and was askedfor a $40.00 "Good Faith" deposit, which would be refunded when thedefective tablet was returned. She sent us an identical tablet with no way to return the other one. So now I have 2of these things. One is working, the other is not. Both came with the Chineseversion of the Android operating system installed. This Chinese version doesnot have a United States compatible Android Market, and some of theapplications and settings are also in Chinese.

    I tried to update the firmware on one, and now when booting, it willcontinually loop, and never really start before shutting down and startingagain. I am afraid to try on the other tablet, for fear of doing the samething to it.

    Here are the specs on the working one.

    Model: WonderMedia WM8650
    Android Version 2.2
    Kernal Vesion:
    Buidl #: generic-eng 2.2 Froyo Ver1.3.1-20110602.123938

    I can't get into the other tablet at allto get the info, but it is the exact same unit.

    Is there a more compatible ROM, or aversion of the Android operating system I can use to restore the non functionaltablet? I’ll deal with the other one, and possibly sell it later to recoverSOME of the money I lost.

    Any assistance will be greatlyappreciated.


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