10 Apps Every Student Must Have

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    By Guest Posts on August 24th, 2012

    Spring break is over and summer is still a way off, which means many younger students still have a lot of catching up to do in the academic sphere while returning college students are beginning the next term in school. Since many students spend a lot of time using their smartphones for non-productive activities (Angry Birds, anyone?), now is a great time to improve productivity and academic performance with 10 apps every student must have.

    1. iStudiez Pro

    Despite the misleading spelling, iStudiez Pro is a very smart and helpful way to organize your entire class schedule and workload. The app features color-coding to make your schedule easier to scan, as well as an attachment feature that allows you to keep track of assignment due dates according to each course.

    2. Share Your Board

    With this app, students can take a picture of the classroom whiteboard and quickly save it into an easy-to-read PDF. Include your own notes and send the file to your friends for better studying efficiency.

    3. CliffNotes

    Though I wouldn’t recommend substituting this for reading the required text in your Literature class, the app can be incredibly helpful for students who want to gain a better grasp on difficult works. If you’re spending a day at the park reading, just make sure to have this app by your side as a helpful guide.

    4. RealCalc

    Are you an English major with just one more semester of Statistics left before leaving the math world behind for good? RealCalc allows you to skip out on shoveling out $100 minimum for a scientific calculator by providing user-friendly functionality for absolutely free. The app includes a unit converter, and is designed to handle algebra, trigonometry, combinations, and more.

    5. Cram

    Very few students are able to achieve excellent academic performance at college without at least a couple of cram sessions for upcoming tests. The Cram application allows users to create flash cards and multiple-choice tests to gauge information retention skills and ensure a better test score. Cram even allows you to share these study aids with friends for more effective study groups.

    6. Foursquare for Universities

    Stay connected with peers, staff and alumni at your institution through the social networking application, Foursquare for Universities. With this app, students can earn rewards for being active on campus and gain more school pride by learning about the history of different parts of the campus area.

    7. iTunes U for iPhone

    Want to gain more information on your course subjects from an outside resource? iTunes U allows students to download podcasts, lectures, e-books, and more from the top universities around the world.

    8. Mindjet

    When you’re having trouble organizing your thoughts to complete a project for Biology or can’t seem to create a quality introduction for your Russian Literature term paper, Mindjet helps you organize your thoughts, brainstorm and ultimately come to a clear and concise conclusion.

    9. Wikipedia

    Your instructor might kill you for using Wikipedia as your primary source for a research paper, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for gaining a surface understanding of important figures and concepts that you might come across throughout the course.

    10. BigWords

    Saving students from the burdensome cost of textbooks, BigWords allows users to search their required textbooks with a price comparison search engine.
    Although self-discipline might play a role, having more educational apps on your smartphone will likely result in less use of time-wasting alternative apps. Keeping these handy will help you get more out of your education and enjoy better organization from the first day to final exams.

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