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    My first post!

    My system

    DESCRIPTION: 7” Tablet
    BUILD NUMBER: Generic-eng 2.2 Froyo V1.2.3-2011 0409.211203
    MODEL NUMBER: Wonder Media WM 8650

    The manual is very small and my eyesight makes it difficult to read, could I find a manual on line I could print out larger?

    Also the manual does not cover in much detail the various functions such as deleting failed down load attempts as shown in the photo. After a couple of days of searching I found this function but a hard and lots of dead ends along the way. I was told to RESET the unit, but in the manual it says RESETTING will erase all the files, and I'm afraid this would include operating system and APPS, so I didn't choose to do that, Or am I not understanding the RESET function, again the manual is not very clear.

    I suspect the downloads did not complete because there wasn't a SD card in place. I'll be sure to have it in place the next time I attempt a download.


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