3G/GPS not working after upgrade to ViewComb ver6

Discussion in 'Viewsonic gTablet ROMS' started by kallekula, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Hi, my chinese Tegra 2 clone tablet which is clone of ViewSonic got upgraded to ViewComb ver 6 lately. All seems fine except for the fact that the build in 3G/GPS is not working any more and that's sad ... really sad. Reverting back to stock ROM solves of course the problem BUT I don't want to run FroYo. It even works on the stock ROM for ViewSonic. Somebody out there must have the same issue that I have. Is so is there a solution ? My first idea was to check the kernel logs to see what intent is sent to activate the 3G/GPS. Then it would be pretty easy to write an apk that enables the 3G/GPS. If anybody has an idea please answer to the thread or even send me a private message. I hope that somebody already have the answer. Thanks and best regards Robert.
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    I found this topic in a german forum: Smartbook Surfer MN10U mit 3.2 ? - Seite 3 - Android-Hilfe.de
    There is a guy who has installed ViewVomb 6.1 on his tablet which is seemnigly identically constructed,
    his solution was to turn off WiFi which forced the tablet to use 3G to connect to internet^^
    Well, due to the face that I only have to WiFi-only model I am not able to test that - sounds curious but maybe its worth a try!
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