5 security apps for Android users

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    Summary: Cybercriminals are increasingly targeted Google's Android operating system due to its popularity, so we spotlight 5 security apps that would help users in protecting their personal data and devices.

    [​IMG] By Ellyne Phneah | September 28, 2012 -- 09:06 GMT (02:06 PDT)

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    1. mSecure-Password Manager
    Price: US$9.99 and US$19.99

    This password and data manager stores sensitive and important information such as Web logins, passwords, credit card numbers and frequent flyer numbers which you can conveniently access on-the-go. The app uses 256-bit Blowfish encryption to safeguard stored data should you misplace the mobile device or it gets stolen.

    For US$9.99, users get the mobile app but forking out another US$10 would get them the desktop software in addition to the mobile version and the ability to sync between both platforms over Wi-Fi or via Dropbox.

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