7' android 2.2 tablet mid wifi 3gb. 2.3xgingerbread. HELP

Discussion in 'Gingerbread' started by tumpin, Mar 4, 2013.

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    7'. Mid 2.2 android tablet 3.gb. 2.3x gingerbread
    hi, I'm new here, hope I'm putting this here correctly. I have a 7' android 2.2 mid tablet wifi 3gb. Running 2.3xgingerbread. What happen is I boot up, I get it loaded to the screen where you swipe the lock and go
    in, but it won't swipe, so, I'm wondering, and hoping to find the os and put it on the sd card and boot in.
    also tried to find a way to do a reset.. No luck. Can someone please help me. I am very new to the android,
    I thankyou so much to be able to post here and ask for help. I just hope I get it going again.

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