7" MID VIA8650 Green LED tablet

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    7" MID VIA8650 Green LED
    hey whats up guys i have a question will this method work same ROM same everything with a 7" MID VIA8650 Green LED tablet? look below:

    Register at HcH Tech, they have many files you may need to download.

    1.Download a ROM to use. Read this thread: [ROM] Universal (HYBRiD) HoneyCombMOD Uberoid for WM8650 devices v1.3.0 or Google this: Uberoid_WM8650_2.2_v1.2.2_NL_v20110414-HcH Uberoid ROM
    2.Format an SD Card in Fat32
    3.Unzip the Uberoid download and copy the files onto the SD card. The wmt_scriptcmd file and FirmwareInstall folder should be on the root of the card.
    4.With the android tablet turned off, insert the SD card, and turn it back on.

    this should flash your tablet and give you ROOT access (depending on what ROM you install

    During startup the android tablet will read the SD card and install the firmware. It took about 4 minutes for the process to complete before the device rebooted into the new OS. Watch the screen because the SD card must be ejected when the firmware installation completes or the upgrade will run again after the device restarts.
    please Message me or wright back thanks a lot for every ones help


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