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    I'm looking for a 7"-ish android tablet in the near future. It seems the Google Nexus 7 is the best all-arounder, but the lack of (micro)SD slot is a deal-breaker. And it does not seem likely the upcoming refresh (rumored for May) will have a SD slot either, given Google's current philosophy, which by the way I do not get at all. No matter how they justify it, bottom line it makes no sense to me that their portables don't have SD slots when Samsung does it just fine (and my old Droid X as well). My best shot is to look at the upcoming Galaxy tab (is it supposed be the Note 8", or is there a direct 7" successor?).

    Anyways, I'm trying to see if I can re-evaluate my need for an SD slot. My main uses for a tablet with SD slot is for movies, shows, etc while on the road. Ideally, I'd like to transfer entire seasons of various HD-quality shows at once, and forget about it until I'm finished with the season. For this purpose, 16GB or even 32GB internal storage is not enough - I would need to constantly delete and transfer new episodes. 64GB would be the bare minimum for me to consider a tablet without a SD slot.

    If the next version of Nexus 7 will have a 64GB version at a reasonable price, I may opt for it instead of the next Galaxy tab. The only thing that might sway me in that direction is if the Galaxy tab has its own deal-breaker issues, such as battery life.

    This is something of a personal rant, but any thoughts?

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