7022 - Boots OK, but missing a Nand partition?

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 2 Technical' started by Robyski, Mar 2, 2013.

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    Trying to breath life back into an old Coby 7022. It's running stock GB 2.3.3 with no space for newer games/apps. I used thread below to get my Internal Memory up to 1GB. That part went OK, and Internal Storage shows .98 GB now.

    This is for Coby Kyros 7022 ONLY!!! (change app data space to 1GB) More apps!

    But after installing and testing several different ROM's and CWM backups, it seems Settings-Storage-Nand Settings shows Total Space as "Unavailable"? Tablet boots OK and I can surf OK, but I'm unable to load any apps. Trying to install any app gives the "Download was unsuccessful..." msg almost immediately.

    Trying the "Mount Nand" option from the Nand Settings menu gives a "Damaged SD Card" msg. (External SD card removed during troubleshooting). There is also an "Erase Nand" option that gives a FAT32 or NTFS choice, but I'm afraid to try it yet. I think it will format the "dead" partition, but I'm not sure.

    Can anyone make any suggestions? I'd love to get this tablet updated and running the latest games for a relative.

    - Can boot to CWM
    - Market installed
    - Superuser installed



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