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Discussion in 'Coby Tablet Accessories' started by Disavowed, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Coby Kyros 7127
    If anyone is looking for a case for the 7127, I canc tell you the Belkin Verve case for Kindle Fire makes a nice slim profile case.

    I found it at Best Buy for $36.99 which is kinda steep, but I had a gift card and it irs really nice quality leather,well stitched elastic corner straps too. It also foldsto make an adjustable angle stand which is fantastic. Didn't think I'd use that feature, but after a week, I wourldn't be without it now!

    Here's a link....

    You need to not use the corner strap over the power button as it will continuously press it, but the three othser corners are more thsan snug enough to hold the 7127 secure, even while shaking over a bed. Found something real similar at Amazon for $25 that will likely be just as good. Hope this helps, because the 7127 is slightly different than the 7022 in size (which most people seem to post tips and tricks for).

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