8 essential Microsoft business apps for Android phones

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    Summary: Who's the busiest developer on Android these days? Some of the most impressive business apps are coming from an unlikely source, with Microsoft's business apps appearing on the Google Play Store and getting rave reviews.

    By Ed Bott for The Ed Bott Report | February 12, 2015 -- 12:15 GMT (04:15 PST)

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    An unlikely source of excellent Android apps

    Microsoft and Google might be arch-enemies, but that hasn't stopped Redmond from making sure Android users have lots of Microsoft apps to choose from.

    In the Google Play Store, you'll find more than 60 apps from Microsoft. There's a good selection of games and entertainment options, including companion apps for Xbox and Bing-branded alternatives to Google's search products.

    In this gallery, I focus on eight popular and useful business apps. This isn't a complete listing. In particular, if your company uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM or the Intune management suite, you should look at your options there.

    But expect to be surprised at how capable the Microsoft options are on the world's most popular mobile platform.

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