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    Undoubtedly we are facing a very embarrassed situation that the single core tablets do not powerful enough to fight against the dual core tablet, while on the other side, the dual core tablets market is not mature enough to offer the high price-performance-ratio devices. For a technology enthusiasm, I pay much attention to the features of the tablet, and additionally, I also concentrate on the user experience on the device. If there is one tablet which can meet my extremely demand on appearance, workmanship, apps, webcam and stereophony it will definitely take the Benjamin Franklin from my pocket. And this model – FNF ifive S which I am going to introduce here may also be the one you are looking for.

    Creative Fiberglass, stable construction

    As the extended item of FNF ifive, the FNF ifve S continues the stylish outview design but the material of the body has been upgrade. Great combination of high-strength fiber glass and stable metal makes the FNF ifive S fashionable and sturdy. Fiver glass is a high performance inorganic nonmetal material with the characteristics of various sorts, excellent insulation, heat resistant and corrosion resistant. This kind of material in the FNF ifive S can decrease the impulse force efficiently, and meanwhile the material lightens the weight of the tablet with remarkable heat radiate. In conclusion, fiber glass would be a very good option to ensure the durableness and personality.

    There is no any visual button on the FNF ifive S except a 2.0 mega-pixel webcam. The thickness of the FNF ifive S is 9.3mm only with original iPad2 IPS display. The visible angel of the ifive S is up to 178 degree, with the 1024*768 resolutions, the effects are clear, crystal and lifelike.

    To ensure the great heat radiate of the FNF ifive S upgrade the plastic back side to the metal. Meanwhile the metal back side will be a good protector to avoid the device damaged from falling or hitting. Different from the white color which we can see everywhere in the market, the FNF ifive S gets a Cappuccino color with a very cute design.

    Continuing the glorious design of the tablet, FNF ifive S gets a very fresh design of the package. The accessories of the device are also complete including 12V-1.5A power charger and earphone which are all in fashionable white color.

    $ifive S.jpg

    Hardware test

    Besides the charming appearance and creative UI interface, the performance of hardware is another significant factor attracts customers to purchase the device. From the test on Quadrant Advanced we can find FNF ifive S adopts the Android 2.3.1 op system with Rockchip2918 processer, 1GHz frequency, 1G RAM and GC800 GPU.

    As a domestic brand, FNF ifive S got this score is neither the highest nor the lowest. Compared to other Chinese brand 9.7 inch tablets, FNF ifive S gets a satisfied score during the test.

    More practical features test

    Used the FNF ifive S for more than 2 weeks, although the device did not get a very high score during the test, I still find there are so many practical and efficient features for your options.

    The IPS display of FNF ifive S deliveries us a very impressive effect during the games. No matter Angry Bird, Fruit Ninjia or Asphalt 6 is great compatible in the tablet. The sensitive touch screen and precise G-sensor are remarkable. The smooth and steady running on the FNF ifive S left me

    Internet surfing test

    The WiFi in FNF ifive S is the steadiest and most precise one that I have ever used.FNF ifive S has a built – in Flash Player 10.3 version which allows the device loading and rendering the webpage responsive. The Flash plug-in is complete and run-on smoothly on the FNF ifive S. FNF ifive S supports standard video play. The online video play on the tablet is quite smooth. But the loading speed is not ideal.

    HD video play
    FNF ifive S supports 1080P HD video play which also compatible for RM, RMVB, MKV, MP3, APE and FLAC format perfectly. The new generation 1080P video output enables you transfer the video and games to the LCD TV set. Without any install or operation, double display can be real-time transfer.

    Regarding the duration, FNF ifive S comes with a 7200mAh battery capacity which will ensure 6 hours constantly video play. You will not worry about the battery life anymore.


    Order FNF ifive S at Androidinabox.com: FNF ifive S - 9.7 inch IPS Display RK2918 16G Dual Cam only $239.99!

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