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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction & Forum Website Assistance' started by LocalStain, Feb 13, 2011.

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    I figured I would now take the time to introduce myself per the forum guidelines after a rather hectic couple of days trying to get my NC back to somewhat usable state. Not quite there yet but it's so close I can almost taste it.
    I am the Local Stain, like a bad grease spot on the garage floor. I am tough to wash off. I am a gadget/tech obsessive who favors Intel pcs I can build myself and anything Android that I can bend to my will. I have an Aria running CM6 on which I flash dailies if I am looking for excitement. A dual-boot core i5 Acer TimelineX that I love as if it were the fruit of my loins. A CR-48 bestowed upon me by The Great and Powerful G-Oz(my pet name for the Google overlords, pay no attention to the Droid behind the curtain.) Which I have thus far gotten to run just about everything except OSX, but I didn't try real hard, thanks to Hexxeh's Luigi. Still can't get it to flash back to stock bios but that doesn't seem to be an issue until the updates get pushed. I bought an Archos 5 back in June that turned out to be the single biggest POS I have ever spent money on hawked by a company whose cs may well rank lower than that of AT&T and the Iranian secret police combined. That experience is what began my search for a powerful, usable, and hackable Android tablet.
    So I think that's about it. I would like to give a huge helping of respect to Faceman, Darmeen, and Stelv. for jumping in almost immediately after my first post to lend a helping hand in recovering my NC. It is not fully functioning yet but I am a lot better off than I was at the outset. You guys have just been incredible.
    So in closing this little missive I just wanted to say hello to everyone and tell you all I look forward to becoming an active member of this community and if anyone has any ideas as to the next step in my NC recovery head over to my "Greeting and a Request" thread and see if we can't take a bit of the pressure off Faceman.



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