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    I am going out on a limb and talk about my newest "toy" for my tablet. It is not another tablet. It is a device and Android client. The basic logic is creating a "cloud" for your data from your home environment.
    The device is called Pogoplug. Google it if you want more information. I have just gotten it and am hooked. I no longer have to plan what I want to listen or watch. I can connect to my network shares and such.
    So you ask what is a Pogoplug? It is a network appliance device. You hook it up to your home network and attach a USB drive. You then register the device. Once registered, you can only access what you have provided access via your email. The device is standalone.
    I am able to stream, copy, move, store from my Archos 101. I just need my email address and the password and the client makes the authentication tunnel set up with the provider. Once set up, it is a direct connect. And the only limitation is the bandwidth of your Broadband pipe and your connection to your Android device.
    I am not trying to sell anyone on it. I just want to make others aware of a differerent way to access or stream your data from your Android device to home. The closest I can compare it to is Slingbox.


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