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    huawei s7
    does anyone know how to enable a camera button on an S7-104? running tri zet rom, but thinking of trying joenilan's. i know there is not camera button, but with button remapper i want to assign it to the volume up button.

    here's what i would like to do, so if anyone can think of a better idea that assigning the camera button to the volume button, please advise. i'm putting my S7 in my car to replace the CD player. i would like to use a relay that is activated when i put my car in reverse that is tied to the volume up button, so whenever i put my car in reverse, it activates the camera. the camera will obviously be mounted in the rear of my car.

    i have already remapped the call and end call buttons for volume up and down, and i have a volume widget that is on the main home screen to control the volume of the system. but i would like to have a finer resolution for the volume adjustments. i've seen some apps that can do that, but i would like to change the system so it doesn't matter what volume control i use, rather than the 10 steps it has now, there are 20 to 30 or more. has anyone seen or heard of anyone doing this?

    thanks in advance!

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