A guide to make your tcc 8902 tablet more useful.

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    Birkirkara (Malta)
    Tablet / Device:
    MPMAN MID7C,Kindle Fire
    Things needed:
    A tcc8902 tablet
    A USB cable that connects the tablet to the computer
    Android 2.3,however this guide may work with other versions of android

    The first thing to do is to go into recovery and do a reset.
    After that install drivers from PdaNet for Android.
    Then root your device and install the following apps:
    1 Mobile Market
    Astro and ES file Explorer*
    Google Play
    Death Racing*
    QQ Browse and Opera Mini*
    Terminal IDE
    FMR Memory Cleaner*
    Zeam Launcher

    *= From 1 Mobile Market

    Install Google Play from http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=935754&d=1331126820
    You can also install ClockWork Mod from CyanogenMod | androtab.info and flash via fastboot
    Use RoverPad image for MPMAN MID7C

    Do a reset every time it feels getting slow with ClockWork Mod.

    Use FMR Memory Cleaner every 15-20 Minutes for optimal performance.

    Have fun with a faster tablet.

    If you want you can ask about your tcc8902 tablet on this thread and I will try to answer it.

    Any suggestions to add to the guide are appreciated.

    Thanks for reading.

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