A Note on Flashing ROMs to the G-Tablet (and other tablets too)

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    For those thinking of flashing new ROMs, when you are in the process of doing this I have found, through much trial and error, that it is very important at each step of the process to allow your tablet to fully boot up and shut down at least two times every time you have an install a new image (unless specifically instructed not to by the ROM developer).

    What this means is this, if you are going from Stock to a ROM, or from one custom ROM to another via NVFLASH or equivalent, make sure that if one of the steps includes installing a functional ROM, let it boot, let it run, wait for your tablet to load all the way up, shut it down, and restart it again.

    There are several different processes that have to load, compile and run in the install of a new image on your tablet for it to work, and sometimes your new ROM needs to have these things in place before they can work properly too. This is a lot of times the reason for "Flashing the ROM working great the first time" but then never working again.

    I know it adds 10 to 30 minutes to the process, but if it saves you from soft-bricking or other issues it is worth it!

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