A2107A SD Card & Facebook issues

Discussion in 'Lenovo Tablets' started by chuck34108, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Lenovo A2107A
    Purchased Ideapad in April of this year (first tablet). Has been opperationg perfectly since purchased until last week.
    Started having issues with the Facebook app not showing pictures that friends had posted. One or two pictures will show but the rest of the timeline pictures aren't there. Don't even get the "broken image" icon or anything. So, reinstalled the app but the same problem continnued. I then openned Google Chrome on the Ideatab and logged into Facebook but same issues on Chrome with images not displaying. Then checked other sites (ie: pintrest, twitter, etc) and images show as normal on those. Appears to be an issue only with Facebook.
    Checked the tablets resources and decided to add a SD Card. With power off, I put the card in and then checked the apps. Still no images on Facebook.
    So now, this is where the newbie in me comes out. if I go to "system settings" and click on storage it shows "USB storage" with the blue dot and "SD Storage" without the blue dot. Total space is: 2.29GB; Available: 249MB. Currently there is no USB hooked up to the tablet (could this mean the tablet's own memory?) Anyway, I click on "SD storage" and I get the warning about applications on the USB can't be used if I change to SD storage. Unsure of what that will entail, I click cancel.

    • If I switch, will it mess up the normal usage of the tablet?
    • Can I switch back easly?
    • Is it similar to accessing a jumpdrive on my laptop?
    • What is the USB storage?
    For the SD card it shows Total Space: 7.39GB, Available: 7.39GB. Now, the SD card came with tthe usual assortment of crap preloaded so there is an option to erase the SD card. but if i tap on the "system settings" and "applications" and the click on the "on SD card" tab it shows 8 of my apps as being on the SD card.

    • If i erase the SD card, are those apps also erased?
    • is the SD card expanding my memory or is it just being a a secondary storage area?
    • Does any of this have to do with issues I'm having with the Facebook app and Facebook on Chrome?
    Sorry for the long post but wanted to get as much info as I could that seemed relevant. Thanks in advance for any help

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