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Discussion in 'Acer Iconia Tab A500 Forum' started by komobu, Feb 24, 2012.

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    I am really having a tough time for something that should be really simple. I would really be grateful for any advice.

    When I plug the usb cord into my desktop, I get a popup window asking me if I want to transfer files using windows media player. I sure this is probably a great system for those that like windows media player. All I want it is to see the a500 just like any other portable hard drive or thumb drive. Then tell me where to put my mp3s so that I can play them. I dont want to use cloud or any wireless way to transfer files if I dont have to. I just want something simple like an external device.

    As it is now, I hit cancel on the "transfer files using windows media player" thing. Then I go to "My Computer" and there is no external device there.

    Is there a software program that will allow me to view my a500 as an external device?

    Please dont just send me to the acer site without a link. There site is very difficult to navigate because they dont clearly articulate what there drivers are for. I tryed down loading their USB driver, but it is not clear if it is for the desktop pc or the a500. Also when I started to install the usb driver, it told me I must have windows media 11 installed first. Why do I need windows media 11 if I dont use it?

    Thanks for any help on this issue.
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    I don't have Windows XP, but try on the tablet going to Settings > Applications > USB Debugging and tick the box. Then disconnect/reconnect.
    The USB drivers install on the Windows box. If you're getting the WMP popup, they likely installed correctly.

    p.s. You could also try a SAMBA app from the market, such as this one.
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    The Acer presents itself as an MTP device to computers, not as external storage.

    Its a whole different way of accessing the device. Its done this way so that they don't have to build in a full USB storage protocol,
    and an engine to protect system files, etc., and also to get around some Patent issues.
    It also protects the tablet a bit more because MTP only handles certain types of files.

    There should be an external device listed in My Computer, but it won't have a drive letter. (Just use Windows Explorer).
    It will appear as Acer Iconia Tab A500, below all the drive mappings.

    When you first plug in your tablet, a popup will appear on the tablet, asking if you want to turn on USB Sync so you can sync images.
    If you select Cancel, the drives will show up, (as above, not as a drive letter), and you can see all your directories, but you can't see any
    files in those directories. (Damn you MTP!).

    If you select OK, then XP wants to install drivers.

    The USB driver on Acer's site is for the computer. I'm not sure its necessary, (wasn't for me on Win7), and it didn't help on XP either as
    far as accessing files via explorer or my computer. You still need media player to actually access the media files on the tablet.

    In short, its not going to do what you want it to do, so your best bet is to Go to the market and install File Manager HD or ES File Explorer.

    Both of those can see shared folders on your computer over WIFI. Then you can copy files and directories from your computer over wifi
    to your tablet. You do this from the tablet, not from the computer.

    (Yeah, I saw where you didn't want to do it this way, but its either that or a Thumb drive, and in either case you will need
    a file manager. You could also Root your tablet and install Samba from the market, but I don't recommend this.).
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    Icebike....thank you for the explanation......I have no problem getting W7 to "see" my tab but was getting no where with XP....I ended up dumping my XP stuff onto my external hard drive & hooked the external to my tab.....no problem there & everything was visible....but I did wonder why XP wouldn't co-operate....:)......


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