A500 Iconia Tab newbie.. not all smooth sailing so far..

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    Hi all,

    I've recently purchased an A500 Iconia Tab, and was expecting to be able to get used to it fairly easily since I've been using an iPod touch and iPad for over a year.

    My first problem was I couldn't get it to connect to my WiFi network. I got the connecting/scanning cycle that it appears a few people have had after updating. Since my Tab was brought brand new in a shop, it should have worked okay.

    For some reason, it doesn't seem to like my WEP shared key home network. Soon as I turned my router to open system though, it connected in a snap. I still blame the Tab, as my Billion Wireless router quite happily supports (at various times) two computers wirelessly, along with two laptops, the aforementioned iPod Touch and iPad, a Sony PS3 and my Samsung TV (with wireless dongle).

    Hmm, as I'm typing this, I've been advised there is a new update - let's see if v3.1 build 4.010.40.com.gen1 works any better? Well.. nope it doesn't.. It still does not like WEP with a Wep128 shared key - so back to open system. Hmm, this new update appears to have completely screwed up my app lists. Now I'll have to add all those book readers back to the ereading page, etc. Also looks like I have to fill in the Acer Registration form again as well (facepalms)

    Anyway, I've been looking around at ebook readers, mp3 players and movie players, so if anyone has any tips, feel free to let me know.

    So far it looks like Moon+ is the best reader I've tried, as it's the only one so far that will connect to my Calibre server. I'd ideally like one that will work in the same way as Stanza, and let me plug in fanfiction websites as sources, so that I can surf the page to download the epubs. Sure, I can flip to the browser, navigate to a bookmark and download the epub, then flip back to the ebook reader, move the download into the right folder, etc, etc..

    For MP3's I'm trying PowerAmp, but it doesn't seem that good so far. Astro Player also plays my FLAC files, but still not liking the interfaces of either. Maybe I just need to learn how to use them properly?

    MX Video Player seems to play my movies okay, and doesn't seem to have any problems accessing my 500gb Verbatim portable drive to do so. Volume and skip forwards and backwards just need a swipe, so I'm pretty happy with it so far.

    The barcode scanner is handy for those QR codes, though I'd have to say that half the codes I tried didn't actually give me the results I wanted.. Eg, trying to download the Nook ebook reader was a bust. Also looks like Minecraft Pocket edition won't work on my A500. Typical, as that's one of the reasons I decided to take another look at androids.

    Anyway, I'm sure this intro is long enough. If anyone wants to point me at a list of 'must-have' apps, that would be appreciated. :D

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    Hi Brian, welcome to the forum. That was quite an introduction. If you need help with your tablet, head over to the Acer Tablets section and ask your questions.
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