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    I am trying to get access to the NAND of an unknown Android A33 tablet
    device from booting via sdcard. Probably it is an Inet M100_MB v1.1 with
    NAND SK Hynix h27ucg8t2bda.

    I managed to boot various Android .imgs that are available on the
    Internet. When I adb shell to them there is no nand device created in
    /dev/ (or /dev/block/, which seems to be the place for the original
    nandX of the device).

    The driver nand.ko gets loaded in all images.

    I do not have adb access to the original ROM of the device in question.
    I cannot get the stock ROM for the device, neither the code.

    My questions are:
    1) Which bootloaders can access the NAND of the device? Maybe I should
    not boot a complete image but rather only the bootloader to access the NAND?
    2) Must I touch nand.ko source to add the IDs of this specific NAND to
    make it work?
    3) Is /dev/nandX normally created if you boot from sdcard? Maybe I am
    missing some boot/config flags?


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