Accessing files from your PC backup on the Xoom from Carbonite ":-D

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    You guys here have always knocked it out of the park for my questions. Let's see how this one goes. I have the Xoom, obviously, and it instantly upgraded to ICS when I turned it on.

    I have Carbonite to backup the C drive on my Laptop. When I use the Carbonite webpage or the Carbonite app it will not allow me to download more than one photo at a time on the Xoom.

    Webpage: When I select the folder and it shows the thumbnails of the folder, I then SELECT ALL and it checks all the photos and they are backlighted to show they are chosen. I then click on DOWNLOAD and sometimes it says something like EVALUATING THE FILES blah blah blah ... but then it will not start the download.

    Carbonite App: when I select the folder it shows all the photos as thumbnails but there are no options present anywhere to select more than one and a time. Am I wrong, have I not done something right or is there something I'm missing? I have a feeling it could be all 3! ":-D Thanks for any help at all! jackdashack

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