Acer 200 ICS 4.0 Download movies to SD card?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Video' started by fdd87, Apr 4, 2012.

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    I frequently travel overseas to countries that don't allow Apple, Google, etc. to stream content. Therefore I can't access US websites to view movies. I'd like to purchase movies (not DVD's) online and download them. Either directly to SD card in my tablet or to PC then to SD card. Can anyone help? I'm a newbie.
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    If you get a VPN service such as StrongVPN/VypreVPN you can use that to connect to your US websites, including Netflix and Amazon Prime.

    From where ever you are, you connect through your internet connection to one of their US servers using VPN. Once connected, you just visit what you want, and those sites see your device as one being based in the US.

    If you buy your movies online, they are almost always DRM protected, which prevents you from doing too much with it. Apple currently has the best system in place, since it downloads your purchased movies and shows to your computer, however, unless you are using an iPad/iPhone/iPod, there isn't much you can do. Google Video lets you store some movies on SD card, but it is a bit unreliable, and you don't want to be stuck without movies, so I wouldn't consider that as an option.

    If you want to do the streaming, VPN would be the best option in my opinion. At about $60-$70 a year, your current video experience will be the same where-ever you are.

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