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Discussion in 'Acer Iconia Tab A500 Forum' started by bluntman420, Jan 10, 2012.

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    i have a friend who has a acer a500 and she was telling me that her neighbors ps3 can access her tablet and look at her pics and what not. any ideas on how to stop this?
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    She more than likely has a file sharing feature turned on and is either on the neighbor's network (the one the PS3 is on) or the neighbor is on her network. First try and turn off any sharing feature. Then, if she is on the neighbor's network and she is concerned about the access she shouldn't connect to that network. If he is on her network she should encrypt her network and not give out the password. This can't happen unless they are on the same network, so the simple solution is to not be on the same network.
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    Its possible she is running the app that came with the tablet.

    She needs to go into her Applications on her Tablet and turn off
    It comes with the tablet, and it can be used both as a Client (to view multi-media on your computer)
    or as a Server (to let others view your multi-media). It should show in the status bar if it is running.

    If she doesn't know what that app is, then just shut it down and don't run it.

    If she is using the Client portion, there is a checkbox to turn off the server portion.

    You can't uninstall it, but if you go into Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / All, you can scroll down to, press force stop, press Clear data, and it won't reload. is a DLNA client and server. See also Consumer Home

    Windows 7 comes with Windows Media Center, which has a horribly confusing user interface but does the same thing, you can
    serve your movies, music and pics from your windows machine to your tablet, or vise versa.

    Late model Television sets come with DLNA baked in, and you can play a movie from your tablet on your TV, but to do so you have to hook your TV to Cat5 network or have WIFI built into the TV.

    Its pretty cool stuff, but its a horrible security hole.
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