"Activity Not Found" when I click on a e-book file with my Nextbook 7

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by Capaneus, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Nextbook 7
    I have a Nextbook 7 I just bought in Manila for 170 dollars. (was that a rip off?) The model is NEXT7D12R.

    7 Inch Android 4.1 Dual Core MID with Aml8726-Mx Dual Camera (NEXT7D12R) - China Dual Core Mid,Android 4.1 Mid

    (what is the exact product name I have- I believe it is a Nextbook 7 premium... And I think the operating system is Android 4.1 icecream- is that correct?)

    at first it was running well. Then it crashed and I reset it. Then it was running fine. However now it will not read any of the books on it. It will not even open the "25 free books" that came installed on it. Nor will it read the 300 or so files I put on it.

    When I open the "Astro File Manager" and go to the "25 Free books - Preloaded on Next" then click on a book it does nothing and says" Activity Not Found" on the bottom of the screen.

    I think I need to somehow download a better reader. Is it possible to wipe out the original reader program and use a better AP I install instead?

    Any idea what I need to install or delete in order to be able to read books?

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    Google Nexus 7
    Hi Capaneus and welcome. You could try Adobe Reader from the Google Play store, that will read most kinds of text files, it's free. However it seems you may have something more serious going on and something has become corrupted on your tablet drive for it not to read any files. Android 4.1 is Jellybean btw. Perhaps you should consider a factory reset. A price of $170 sounds reasonable. You'll find all your tablet specifications in settings/about. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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