Advanced II ext sdcard bootable? usb problem!

Discussion in 'Novo Tablets' started by sdotallport, Oct 9, 2012.

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    novo 7 advanced 2, xperia u, zt180
    Hi i would greatly appreciate any help on my problem

    i have stupidly installed aurora V3 screen patch .zip for aurora instead of the ADVANCE ii patch .zip and now i have a white screen which i cannot see anything. :-S

    I also have NO mini usb port, i damaged it weeks ago when i dropped tablet off my desk while being plugged in.and the port had snapped pins so i totally removed the otg port and have been using extsd to install my stuff...but now i cannot see the screen to do anything.

    What my question is is....CAN WE BOOT OR RESTORE FROM THE EXTSDcard with novo 7 advanced 2?

    I have read on another site that the aurora, fire and some other ainol tablets can do this i read something about putting uboot and some other files into extsd and it will do a system format then install new os upon totally on its own without any user input.

    This maybe done by a.script being activated from the extsd on startup but im not sure.

    I even went and bought a miniHDMI lead to see if i could see the sxreen on my tv. But the firmware probably doesnt support hdmi output because my tv shows " no signal" o_O

    Like i said any help would be greatly appreciated. :-D

    Ps THIS SITE Kicks *arse!! B-) :p :-o


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