Advanced1 2.34 Firmware Update

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    Ainol Advanced 1 2.34 Firmware Update , Additional information: Close vibration patch in the firmware package, if you need to turn off vibration please run that .exe file,. Img firmware package for early processing and then brush machine.
    Updated content:
    * Increased off the charging current to reduce the charging time
    * Increase tun.ko module
    * Optimize read and write speed of the built-in storage
    * External usb controller does not need to manually change the permissions
    * Change the device name for the GT-I9100
    * Fixed a charging icon dislocation, change the default wallpaper
    * Desktop added by default ES Task Manager plug-in
    * The update comes with software, to join the Baidu input method
    * Improve the Google Apps support
    * Change the rear camera video settings
    * Touch-parameter optimization and some details of the adjustment

    * If there is no 3G demand, you can manually delete the / system / app of the Phone.apk and TelephonyProvider.apk save power
    Download URL:

    (Tips: Chinese page click red circle to download)

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