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Discussion in 'Advent Tablets' started by DaMilkman, Dec 19, 2011.

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    Advent vega
    Hi folks,I am new to android and roms and mods and all the flashing malarkey. I recently bought my girlfriend an advent vega which I got off a friend, it has been giving us major headaches. I managed to find a guy that put a new rom on it, I think it's called Corvus something or other. Please excuse my ignorance ;)

    Right so what I am trying to fin out is how I can put a new rom onto the tablet myself, thing is I have a mac and can't seem to find a method of doing it. Is there anyone that can guide me? I am looking to perhaps putting the original rom back on or something stable, at the moment all browsers crash after about 30 seconds, rebooting does nothing...

    Any suggestions or help would be majorly appreciated


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