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    Hi there

    I need to develop an application for examination of students (two experts will do Q&A with a student). One expert sees/reads/asks the questions to the student while the other expert grades the student's answers. So far this was done on paper.

    I was thinking to use tablets for both experts with a communication link/cable between both tablets.

    Can anyone recommend me a cheap tablet (7' to 10'')?

    What is important:
    1. The communication betwen both tablets should probably be by USB cable (needs to be as simple and secure as possible)

    2. Need to have kinda "kiosk" mode. Tablet starts directly into the application (nothing else should be possible on the tablet. Lockdown bluetooth, wifi, etc...)

    3. External SD card should be available to store a database with the questions and student results. Maybe also an external USB stick might work (then the tablet would need 2 USB ports)

    4. Many apps are these days written in HTML5 (running within a web browser). My concern is that I won't have much control on low-level features like accessing and communicating via USB, etc... Would you agree that a "native" application is better for my use-case?
    Thanks in advance,

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